Project 333; Simple is the new black

A couple of weeks back I watched a documentary on Netflix called ‘Minimalism: A documentary about the important things’ and decided to take part in the ‘Project 333‘ movement.

Basically, having more with less is the aim of the exercise. It’s about having 33 items in total that you LOVE and you only wear these 33 items for 3 months. After 3 months you can dive into your stash of clothes and exchange some, or all of the items.

I love to shop at op shops and quirky stores, but find I have a bunch of clothes that I never wear. Sound familiar? I get invited out and think ‘oh no, I have NOTHING to wear.’

So, I went through my wardrobe on a warm, Sunday afternoon and sent a bunch of stuff to solitary confinement for three months. It was fun! I actually had bought four new items of clothing that day: 2 from the op shop and 2 from a regular fashion store. So obviously they were included in the 33 items!


I did an inventory and crossed out things as I became aware of other, more suitable items.

Here is my list of clothes I chose:


Long, black special occasion dress


Navy Wrap dress


Black dress pants

Blue Jeans

Polka dot skirt


Pandora Blue Gem statement ring

Gold earrings x2 pair

Animal necklace

Stone necklace


nude heels

black sandals


ballet flats


White tee

White camisole

Black camisole

Black all purpose Jacket

Mustard summer sweatshirt

Navy cropped cardigan

Pink bat-wing sweater

Grey high neck singlet

Mustard long sleeve silk

Navy peplum

Red vintage jacket

Green and white bomber jacket

Pink top

Black and white singlet

Yellow floral top

Black cropped cardi

Mustard v neck pull over

Black wool pull over

Special exclusions


gold chain

I wear a uniform for work so I excluded that, and underwear, socks, loungewear, sportswear and special jewelry (wedding ring, things you never take off) are also excluded. The rules are that you can’t wear loungewear for anything other than lounging around the house, and sportswear can only be worn for fitness/sporting activities.

So that’s my 33 items.

Follow me for the first three months on instagram and let me know how you’re getting on!



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