I have braces… Again.

I first had them when I was 15. I had terrible teeth and felt very self conscious about smiling. As a ballet dancer I found it challenging to be confident when my smile was not what I desired it to be. I remember being told so many times to smile!!! Braces were no big deal at that age, every second person at high school seemed to have them! It was quite fun choosing colors and comparing stories with my other ‘brace-face’ comrades. My braces were removed shortly before my 18th birthday and I was given some retainers to wear every night. Easy! The trouble was, over time, my retainers began to crack and got really grotty (even though I thoroughly cleaned them after every wear) so I went back to my orthodontist and guess what?! He refused to give me new ones.  I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to stand by his work and help me keep my teeth straight. Thinking about it now, he was one of two orthodontists in my home town so he probably didn’t care that much as long as my teeth got straight and he got paid. I contacted him about a year and a half ago and he didn’t want a bar of me so I got my records from him and contacted an orthodontist in Wellington (who I have much more faith in!).

6 Years later, age 24 I decided to get braces put back on my teeth because they weren’t straight anymore and I was starting to refuse to smile in photos and I despised how my teeth looked, especially in photos. I did a heap of research, but found it very hard to find any proper information on Fast Braces in New Zealand as every website you go to suggested a consult. I watched some Youtube Vlogs and decided to go for a consult at the Supreme Dental Centre in Lower Hutt, Wellington. My consult was free so there was no pressure to go ahead with the treatment but I decided to go ahead with it after I spent some time thinking about it (as it is a lot of money to part with).

fast braces

I’ve had braces on for three weeks and already my teeth are in line and although it was super painful for the first 2 weeks, it’s not unbearable. In my experience the first few weeks is the worst: I had some serious ulcers and some mornings could hardly open my mouth because it was so cut up on the inside but wax really, really helps. It has been a savior! I put wax on once a day, and if you put in just the right spot, the rubbing of wire against flesh is significantly reduced. Hooray!

It’s hilarious when people see you, and they didn’t know you were getting braces. They sort of stare but don’t know what to say and then blurt out ‘ you’ve got some new bling’ or ‘You got braces???’ Yep, sure have. A few people asked me why, and how much it was costing. I just had to be honest- I don’t like my crooked teeth so I am getting them straightened! And I just gave a ball park figure for the cost because your finances are your business, right?

I’m not going to lie, I had no idea how much extra ‘clear’ braces cost- $1300 more than regular braces!!!!!!! But WHY?!

If you are thinking about getting braces, do your research first and I would highly recommend Fast Braces simply because they are a lot cheaper and less bulky than regular braces and you’ll have them on for a fraction of the time. A lot of orthodontists take ages to get you in for an appointment, charge for the initial consult and give you a quote which could be upwards of $10,000. There’s no need for that amount of money to be spent, if you look around you’ll find much more affordable options.


I’d love to hear about your ‘lettuce stuck in your wires’ moments or your experiences with Braces if you have had them or have them now! Comment below xx

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